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MEGALIT '90 Ltd.
S e r v i c e s

   We supply engineering services completely which consist of the following services:

  • tender monitoring
  • continuous informing our target enterprises or target persons
  • preparatory designing
  • preparatory work of projects
  • preparing tender documentations
  • drawing up authorizing project documentation
  • coordinating of authorizing project documents
  • drawing up executional project documentation
  • preparing estimated costs and cost analysis
  • technical control
  • providing engineering services during the executional building process
  • technical consultaion, giving technical expertise
  • quality control, quality insurance
  • workers' protection and health protection services
  • environmental- and landscape-protection
  • technical services

   Every year we get between 80 and 100 orders and we fulfil them. We design wide range of buildings - like houses, industrial- , service sector- , commercial- , construction projects.
We undertake to prepare authorizing and total executive projects documentations, which is combined with engineering services, and we manage complex administration and coordinate with the public service corporation as complementary technical plans.

   The strength of our firm is that we can handle our commissions quickly and flexibly. Once we are commissioned we start designing work at once we always meet the deadline for fulfilling it. The fact that we have been present on the market of engineering services since 1990 proves our reliability.

   Megalit Ltd. was established in 1990 and it has been continuing its activity as Megalit '90 Engineering Office Ltd. was purchased by NET Engineering International S.p.A. (Italy 35030 Padova - Rubano Via Belle Putte 34/b. ) in 2009, so we became the member of a skilled and reliable, multinational engineering group.
We can use and apply the expertise, the factual knowledge and the material background of NET Engineering International, which makes us able to widen our engineering services and provide more complex engineering services on the market.

NET Engineering
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